Low Libido: Why It Happens and How to Treat It?

Struggling against low libido? The fact is, lots of individuals who suffer from reduced interest in sexual activity take their toll both in health and sex life. So, what are the common causes and risk factors of this condition and how to treat it?

The culprits

Without further ado, the following explanation will give you an answer:

  • Low T

Testosterone plays a crucial role in a male body as it helps in developing bone mass and muscles as well as stimulates sperm production.  It’s also an important factor in boosting sex drive.

How can you say that you have low T? Once your level goes down to 300-350 nanograms per deciliter then, it could be an indication that your testosterone is decreasing.

  • Medications

Are you taking any medications which lower your testosterone level? If so, this can be the root cause of decreased libido. Say for instance, medications for blood pressure such as beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors may hinder erections and ejaculations.

Once you experience these effects, call your doctor right away so you can quickly modify your medications.

  • Depression

When depression takes over your life, it won’t just stay there as is. It will ruin your entire life. An individual who suffers from this condition typically experience a total or reduced interest in daily activities they once described as amazing – including lovemaking.

Likewise, low libido is popularly known as a side effect of certain anti-depressant, particularly SSRIs (also called as serotonin reuptake inhibitors). You’d better schedule an appointment with your doctors if you’re in doubt that your anti-depressant drugs causes your low production of libido.

  • Chronic Illness

Chronic health condition may also impact your sex drive. When you’re suffering from chronic pain, sex will be the last thing you’ll do. Illnesses like cancer may significantly decrease your sperm production counts because your body concentrates more on how to survive the day.

  • Restless Legs Syndrome

Simply called as RLS, this pertains to the irrepressible need to move your legs. Actually, a research discovered that most men with restless legs syndrome do have higher chances of acquiring erectile dysfunction than those without it.  Usually, erectile dysfunction happens once a man cannot maintain his erection.

Researchers figured in a study that men had these occurrences with a minimal of five times every month. Roughly 50% more may potentially get ED than those who don’t have RLS.

Your takeaways

Don’t be discouraged. Researches revealed lots of off-label and natural treatment to increase your libido. You should know curing low libido oftentimes depends on identifying and treating first the underlying issues. Determine whether you have to switch medication or visit a therapist.

As a matter of fact, you may start doing things on your own to boost your libido counts such as:

  • Getting sufficient amount of sleep.
  • Living a healthier and vice-free lifestyle.
  • Manage stress and depression wisely.
  • Ingesting a well-balanced diet.

A little legwork will help a lot overcome low libido. Plus, it’s best recommended to consult first the experts before going under the knife or taking any supplement.

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