Do Men Really Have Higher Sex Drives Than Women?

Significant differences do exist between female and male – especially when it comes to sex drive.  And regarding the question for today’s subject, yes men tend to have higher sex drives than women. Guess what? They are more straightforward as well.

Here’s the cliché – men’s primary interest is in sex. Oftentimes, we believe that male sexuality is in a constant cycle. Unlike to women, their yearning is perceived as simple and uncomplicated biological force hunting for an outlet. We always say that men are beings of nature while women are individuals of meanings. It implies that women are influenced by her self-esteem, emotion, body image and intimate feeling toward her partner.

In other words, sex isn’t powered by the natural drive of the body, but rather by the context. The thing here, it is a misconception. While we like to think that men and women are not the same in terms of sexuality, however, that is due to the fact that we concentrate more on their variances than similarities.

More than anyone else, men desire sex. They are biologically driven and sexually spontaneous.  They actually know what they crave for and that won’t change. Most of the time, they initiate lovemaking once they’re turned on. They feel the hunger for desire while women rely on their emotions.

Men think sex all throughout the day.

More than 200 students at Ohio State University in a study unleashed the truth that men fantasize about this matter every 7 seconds. Meaning to say, 8,000 thoughts linger within 16 waking hours. On average, young gentlemen in the research confessed that they are thinking about sex, not just once but 19 times every day. On the other hand, women are said to have 10 thoughts of it daily.

They do masturbate more often.

In 2009, a study was performed on 600 adults in China. Roughly 68.7% of males and 48.8% stated that they had masturbated. The said poll also recommended that a huge number of adults had negative attitude into masturbation, especially women.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that men are just aiming for a nonstop sex while girls will rather get popcorn to watch How to Get Away with Murder on the couch. These depictions overgeneralize men and women who were dealing with real and oftentimes, devastating problems with libido.

What about women and their sexual heat?

As mentioned above, women are assumed that they do not like sex since they are uptight and cold. But usually, their drive affected by legitimate biological and medical issues.

As a matter of fact, young women have roughly ten times more circulating testosterone than estradiol. However, by the time women reach the age of 40 and above, their testosterone level will become half what they have at the age of 20s.

The bottom line

Regardless of these facts, it is significant to note that it is impossible to limit sex drive to a dichotomized stereotype.  There are some men who want to make love all the time, others don’t. There are some women who love to bang all the time, others don’t.  Why? We can’t determine what exactly the reason is since every gender has its own sets of reason why they are not interested. And most reasons focus on fluid over timing.

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