Can Anxiety Lead To Erectile Dysfunction?

Is anxiety really one of the causes of erectile dysfunction? A common question that some of us struggling to find an accurate explanation, and this post aims to give you a direct, definite answer.

We know how difficult it is to live with anxiety – worrying over minor issues, trying to suppress the many physical symptoms of anxiety and more.

The bad news

Anxiety can result in numerous symptoms that upsurge anxiety.

So, can anxiety cause erectile dysfunction? Definitely, yes.

If you experience erectile dysfunction, you may become worried too much about a particular issue to happen again. This eventually results in a fear of sexual failure or performance anxiety, which causes erectile dysfunction (ED).

It is a sexual dysfunction or the inability to maintain or develop penis erection during sexual intercourse. The ED can be a symptom of serious medical problems that may require full medical attention since the ED can lead to problems that may affect the lifestyle of an individual. This is also known as sexual impotence which is a common problem to most of the men aging from 20 to 39. The erectile dysfunction treatment may vary on the underlying cause. The treatment of ED may include penile injections, oral medications, and medical aides like the vacuum pumps and implants.

Even those who usually do not have a problem getting excited during sexual activity could not be able to get an erection when you deal with sexual performance anxiety. Women, on the other hand, can affect their arousal. Anxiety prevents ladies from getting greased enough to have sex. Also, it can take women’s physical need to make love.

Anxiety enables you to concentrate more on whether or not you will do well in bed. As a result, you become distracted to reach orgasm. There is another cycle of troubles that a person faces with sexual performance anxiety.

The good news

There are ways you can do to prevent anxiety while in bed to make the most of the night with your partner. While making love, why not distract yourself by putting on a sexy movie or romantic song? Take off your sexual performance from mind to always feel the excitement.

If you think this issue would not be resolved by just a simple way, see a doctor whom you’re comfortable enough to talk about your sexual situation. Medications and any other therapies can help you treat erectile dysfunction.

Recognizing the things that make us anxious will help us go through anxiety attacks. You may write those things on a paper to help you plan how you are going to handle the situations or events that trigger the fear or anxiety in you. Once you figure out what to do with anxiety attacks, you will be able to conquer it little by little. Anxiety is an enemy of man so getting to know better your enemy and the things that are associated to it is an effective strategy that will help you survive the situation.

Bring back the sparkle in your love life to enjoy a blast night!

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